What is a Source of Funds request?


A source of funds check is carried out to help us validate the source and value of the funds you use to play with.

We fully understand that this may be the first time you have been approached about sending such personal information to a gaming company.

We may request evidence from you, such as; bank statements and payslips and any other information that would help to support affordability regarding your spending with us.


Why do we ask for further information?


As we are a fully licensed and regulated UK operator, it is a requirement of our license with the Gambling Commission to carry out on going due diligence, complete Know Your Customer (KYC) checks and understand the source of our players funds, to ensure that these funds are legitimate. These checks help to ensure we have a fun and safe environment. 


What will happen if I do not provide this information?


If you are unable to provide us with the sufficient documentation, we may need to restrict your gameplay with us. We will also be unable to accept any deposits or pay-out any winnings. 

If you are able to provide us with the requested information at some point in the future, we will gladly re-review the status of your account/s.


I have already verified my account. Why do you need to do this again?


Please note that these checks are not the same as the standard ID verification checks, that you may have previously provided documentation for.

The purpose of these checks is to verify your source of funds as part of our ongoing due diligence and KYC procedures. 


Why do you not ask for these before I deposit?


These are enhanced due diligence checks which are triggered when certain deposit thresholds have been met and form part of our ongoing KYC checks. 


What will you do with the documents once you have them and how will my information be stored?


We would like to assure you that all documents received will be stored very securely and treated with the strictest confidence.

We have a professional and dedicated department, who carry out these checks and work to review all information received to ensure that your documents meet the requirements to allow you to continue to enjoy your time on our sites.

We understand that these checks may seem intrusive and sending over sensitive information can feel uncomfortable; however, please note that we carry out these checks with the best interests of our customers in mind. This is to ensure that gambling is safe and to also help ensure that our customers are able to afford their spending.



How do I send my documentation?


You can send your documents to us via email (verify@jumpmangaming.com), by attaching your documents to us as a PDF or image file (jpg,jpeg,png)


Do all gambling companies ask for this type of information?


We are not alone in requesting this type of information, you will also have to provide this information when playing on other Gambling Commission Licensed websites, in accordance with their own procedures. 


Where can I find out more information?


More information about these checks can be found on the Gambling Commissions website.